Startup Repair Infinite Loop: Fix for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8 1

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This is how you can enable Windows Photo Viewer. KMS host server is Win2012 R2, so it shouldn’t have host … Any PNG you open next will open in the Windows Photo Viewer unless you specify otherwise. Fortunately, there aren’t a lot of common ones, so it doesn’t take much work. Right-click on the PNG file, go to “Open With”, then click “Choose another application”. Windows Photo Viewer was first released with the Windows XP operating system.

The Reg.exe and RegIni.exe utility tools are included in Windows XP and later versions of Windows. Alternative locations for legacy versions of Windows include the Resource Kit CDs or the original Installation CD of Windows. Registry values are name/data pairs stored within keys. Registry values are referenced separately from registry keys.

Restoro PC Repair Tool

In this command, c stands for a drive letter. The above command will fix disk errors on C partition. If the SrtTrail.txt error occurs on another partition, you should replace it. Then to restore system files are damaged or corrupted before we type the command “copy \windows\repair\system” and then press Enter. Now install all resources the drivers which you downloaded while in safe mode.

  • Our registry cleaner will remove these remnants from your system, which will fix error messages and slowdowns.
  • Once done, restart your PC in case you aren’t prompted.
  • Thisfield value is expressed as an integer, the most common being 2 and 3 .
  • If these measures don’t work, try the next solution.

We recommend using our Event Log Explorer software – it provides a lot of advanced features for event log management. Now you can scroll through the filtered list to view only errors and critical events. But most of the event details are filled with technical verbiage, sometimes making it difficult to find the one event that could help you.

Fix: Srttrail.txt error in Windows 11/10

With all these benefits DLL files do have their drawbacks. Missing DLL files and DLL file conflict often throw unexpected registry errors. These errors in registry can block a program and even your Windows operating system can stop working. Preventing these errors is simply a matter of performing certain actions so that your computer is secure and your registry is clean and functioning at the highest level.

So, in order to fix the Windows\system32\config\system file download error, you can check the hard drive. BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO is a common bug check error. There could be multiple reasons for this error, such as outdated or faulty device driver, corrupt hard drive, faulty Windows registry, corrupt system files, etc. You may perform the DIY troubleshooting methods shared in this post to fix this error.

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